This guide is here to help you finish and release your first song, mixtape, EP, or album. My friends and I have spent hundreds of hours learning this stuff, and I wanted to share the results of that time and effort with you. It’s for up and coming artists, but hard-nosed vets will find useful tips too.

Put your shit out. It doesn’t have to be perfect but if it lives it has a chance to be heard and appreciated.

(From BLAPCHAT Episode 81 about songwriting)

As an artist, you have an artistic vision. That vision influences every creative choice that goes into making a song. Your vision touches your flow, vocal delivery, the words you use, what your song is about, how you sing, song structure, beat selection, recording, vocal processing, mixing and mastering, and everything that goes into the marketing and distribution of your music.

At the beginning your music isn’t going to sound exactly the way you hear it in your head. The songs you create will sound different than what your vision for the songs were.

It takes thousands of hours of practice to master your craft. You’re not going to get it perfect the first time. That’s why no matter what, you should RELEASE YOUR MUSIC!! Making songs is a process. The only way to get better at that process is to keep doing it.

This guide includes low budget and higher budget options for every step of the process. A low budget should not stop you from releasing music.

These days you can create a great sounding recording in your bedroom. If you can only afford a cheap mic and you can’t do any of this other stuff - you should STILL put your music out because it has a chance to be heard.

Finally, the advice in this guide is my own personal perspective. They’re just opinions. I encourage you to seek out a lot of different voices and see what resonates with you.

If you’re curious about anything in this guide and want a different viewpoint, punch your question into the YouTube search bar and start watching videos!