Artist Lounge - Frequently Asked Questions

Hey! If you have questions that aren’t on this page, please shoot me a message.

Why is The Artist Lounge invite only?

Because I don’t want wack ass artists using my beats :-D

How can I use your beats?

Pretty much however you want :)

The license terms are SUPER broad. You’re allowed to create a song with my beats, make your songs available on streaming platforms, create and release music videos, have your song played on the radio, and so on.

Just make sure you include producer credit (Prod. NotNxrmal) when you release your song!

Do your beats have uncleared samples in them?

They do not! You don’t have to worry about sample clearances when you release the song to platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

What files does my license come with?

Every beat license comes with the MP3, the WAV, and the full Track Out for the beat.

The Track Out is the version of the beat you’ll want if you’re taking your song to a professional studio or a professional mix engineer. Most online beat stores charge extra for the Track Out, but I don’t.

That’s because I want you to take your songs to the studio and sound GREAT when you’re at that point in your music career :)

Why are some of your free beats in The Artist Lounge?

The free beats are for casual music makers. They only come with the low quality MP3. The beats in The Artist Lounge come with the high quality WAV and the full Track Out. They’re for serious music makers who want quality and flexibility.

The license terms for the beats in The Artist Lounge also let you use the beats in a lot more ways than the free beats - it’s pretty much unlimited usage of the song for whatever you want.

Why do you do beat leases?

I love beat leases :-D They let me keep my prices affordable and I believe they’re the best way I can support up and coming artists.

Do you do exclusives?

I don’t do exclusives much anymore because I put my best work into The Artist Lounge! My exclusives start at $500 - send me a message if you’re interested.

I need help creating and releasing my music. Can you help me?

Yes! I have free tips, guides, and other resources to help you out. I’ll deliver those resources over Messenger. Shoot me a message if you want to dig into any of that.