The Ultimate Guide to Finishing & Releasing Your Music

Are you a rapper or R&B singer? This is a guide to finishing and releasing your music. It’s for artists with a vision who just need help figuring out some of the details. I’ll update this guide pretty often - email me or send me a message with your feedback.

Table of Contents

Introduction - how to get the most out of this guide for your music career.

Production - where to get the right beats for your song or project.

Recording - how to record high quality vocals at home or in a studio.

Vocal Processing - how to make your vocals sound great after you record them. I’m still working on this section.

Mixing & Mastering - why mixing and mastering makes your song sound way better. I’m still working on this section too.

Distribution - how to put your music out into the world.

Marketing - big-picture marketing concepts and how you can use them to build your music career.